Air Export

BLG shipping provides freight forwarder and customs broker service which help to export your goods to various ports across India, with extreme care. We have a team of professionals that handle the air cargo and export them without any damage. We also provide complete support to our clients at each step of the export procedure. We also provide warehousing services to our clients to reduce their burden. Furthermore, our skilled air export custom agent guides about the preparation of needed documents for timely shipment of the goods to the airline.

Our experts are well-versed in all import and export regulations in Jaipur, India.

You can trust us to make the clearance of your items. We will prepare and analyze the relevant documents to assure compliance, and we will provide a customized and quick custom clearing service. We aim to become the topmost air export custom clearing company in India. Air Export Custom Clearance generally takes lesser time compared to others.

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