Numerous corporate companies have offices in Pink City Jaipur and the surrounding area because it is a significant site for the travel and tourist industries. To facilitate their international operations, import and export firm owners would prefer to work with competent freight forwarders and custom clearance agencies. Jaipur and the surrounding cities are well-known as premier business hubs for establishing several businessmen.

You may depend on “BLG Shipping” to deliver dependable air freight forwarding service, and we do so since we are a well-known air freight forwarding agent in Jaipur. Due to the courier nature of our business, you will receive a significantly discounted pricing for our air freight forwarding service. We reserve a sizable number of packages or parcels each day for both domestic and international delivery.

Call us if you are experiencing any difficulties with the customs clearing process close to the Jaipur Airport for enhancement in product releasing. You can avoid paying unnecessary fees to customs inspectors with only one call. You won’t be bothered by excessive queries about your duties from customs officers. Our experts fully assume responsibility for securing clearance of your assignment from airport customs officials, and our forwarding staff members meet your needs by offering affordable forwarding services.

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