Sea Export

Our BLG Shipping company has assisted in customs clearing in India and across the world for many years. The process of customs clearance begins with fulfillment of all the requirements to export as well as receiving the shipping order for receiving the space in the ship. We offer our clients a wide range of customs services and assure them of the safe export of their goods.

We take good care of the shipments from the movement it is picked up until they reach its final destination. In case commercial goods are getting transported internationally by the way of land, air, or sea they need to be cleared which requires following a complete procedure. 

Hence, the process of clearance for the export of goods includes the following steps:-
  • The arrival of goods at the destination port
  • Bill of lading generation
  • Inspection of goods
  • Putting goods into a truck
  • General management for export
  • Duty claim

Before the shipment of the goods, all the necessary documents are arranged to avoid any last-minute problems. The customs authorities ask for the bill of entry to permit the shipment to enter the ship. Our company assures our clients of timely documentation and payment processes for exporting goods. We arrange all the necessary invoices and assist our clients well with the export documentation and transportation of goods of perishable nature. We provide a range of facilities under one roof so our clients are not needed to look for others for any services. We give our clients the topmost priority and aim to give them complete satisfaction from the services we render.

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