LCL Import Freight

LCL Import Freight

BLG Shipping has built a global network of dependable international agents for LCL imports. Our agency provides a variety of logistics services at cheap shipping rates. The costs vary depending on the type of goods and the mode of transportation. It also largely depends on where the item is unloaded and where it is to be delivered. Several clients who import little cargo have encountered transportation issues on several occasions. BLG Shipping’s Less-than-Container Load (LCL) solves this problem by combining your shipment with that of many other parties before transporting it to its final destination.


A shipment or load that is smaller than an entire shipping container is referred to as less-than-container shipping. LCL is advised as a safe and cost-effective solution to carry material in moderate quantities. People pick LCL shipping for shipping reasons, but they usually need the help of logistics businesses in BLG Shipping to make a conscious decision. BLG Shipping goes to great lengths to ensure that our LCL solutions provide you with faster time-to-market, excessive inventory management, and improved transparency from beginning to end.

Shipping costs

LCL shipping costs are based on the volume of your consignment. As a result, before deciding on LCL, you should think about the size of your shipment. This is better in contrast to air travel, where weight is the most important element influencing the cost. Depending on the mode of transportation you choose, rates will vary substantially. Because of the expense of fuel and the requisite weight constraints, air shipments will be the most expensive. With LCL, shippers can merge products with other consignees to maximize capacity and lower expenses rather than paying for a whole container with vacant space. BLG Shipping can provide speedy and cost-effective shipping due to our years of expertise in freight forwarding and strong relationships with all major shipping companies.

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